Transitions – settling into the discomfort

I’ve been uncomfortable lately and I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why.  As an analytical person not understanding this discomfort was troubling.  I like to identify problems and solve them.  Check them off my list. So I spent time ruminating in this uncomfortable feeling and I found the reason:  the majority of my life is in a transition. Transitions are hard.  The big announcement is over and it’s time to make the changes happen.

Let me explain.  I recently posted about several wonderful changes in my life:  I got a new job and even a new cabin!   And while these changes were positive the good stuff doesn’t always happen right away.

The biggest change was the new job.  I really like it, however, I am learning a whole new industry, meeting new colleagues and am trying to understand how to be effective in a completely new culture. Almost everyone will tell you it takes 6 -12 months to be effective in a new job but what they fail to tell you is how uncomfortable the transition time can be.

The second big change was the new cabin and the process of selling our old cabin. The new cabin is beautiful but let’s face it:  it’s winter in Minnesota and the fun stuff comes in the summer.  Oh and a teeny little side note:  we still own the old cabin.  It’s going on the market in the spring but in the meantime I am an Airbnb hostess.  I had to learn how to use the app, communicate with my guests and clean the property on a weekly basis.  Most of the feedback I have received from my guests has been positive and has made me happy to be sharing my beloved cabin.  However recently I got a few nuggets of critical feedback which threw me for a loop.  This transition has me working almost every Sunday and sharing a beloved space with strangers.  Not easy.

My family is also going through transitions.   The biggest and most obvious of which is Erin’s move to Tampa Bay for her dream job.  I know this is the right thing for her but I worry about her and miss her more than I thought I would.  She is still settling in and so boxes are being shipped, mail is being re-routed and my feelings are being tossed like a salad.

I’m glad I have put my finger on why I am feeling uncomfortable.  For some reason it makes it easier.  And now I have a plan – attack the feelings with action.   I started this week by attending my company sales meeting which was not required but allowed me to learn about another division and meet new people.  I also decided to take action on the critical airbnb feedback and I added a few upgrades to my old cabin.   And plans are made to visit Erin during spring break.

In the end, I am getting comfortable with my discomfort because it’s all part of the process.  Change is good.


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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2 Responses to Transitions – settling into the discomfort

  1. Debra J Irvin says:

    Ann, I love how you analyze and your process. I was just thinking the other day how I finally feel comfortable at my new job. I know, I know…it is bus driving but let me tell you…the mechanical workings were hard to learn, the culture of my workplace wasn’t super accepting of new people, worrying every day about how my rookie status was probably not the safest for my students. As of last week I really feel the groove. I know my bus inside and out, I get a few hellos and smiles and even have one friend and I feel like I can really keep my kids safe as I became a better driver. You are a very sensitive person and always want to do your best….I love that about you. Be nice to yourself…it takes time.

    • Deb, I can totally appreciate all the change you mention. What a huge responsibility it is to take care of all those kids. They are in the very best hands. You’re amazing. Love you!

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