My Top 10 “favorite things” list for 2017

This was a year full of change.  Reflecting on it all, here are my top 10 favorite things for this year.

  1.  I cut way back on my Amazon spending.  How did I accomplish this?  Simple – I changed my password.  My kids thought they had an open Purchase Order (they did) until I realized the small items they purchased added up to big bucks. And since I joined the library my need for Amazon has been way reduced.
  2. I became an Airbnb hostess.  Well, let’s be honest I had to.  We bought a new cabin late in the season and the old cabin is just sitting there waiting to be sold in the spring.  So why not make a little money and let others enjoy it?  After a miserable landlord experience on Craigslist I decided to try Airbnb.  I love the app because it takes away all of that pesky reference checking and cash collecting and allows me to do what I do best – hostess!
  3. I am no longer a basketball mom.  When Shannon told me she didn’t want to play this year it was hard on me. But I realize I don’t miss the stress that comes with watching your kid play or the frustrations of seeing them not play due to injuries, foul trouble or coaching decisions.  Instead of basketball I am watching her chose new things SHE really wants to do which include a job at a daycare, studying at the library and playing lacrosse.
  4. After 18 years at the same employer I have a new job. As comfortable as I was at BBY is as uncomfortable as I am at Ergotron. And that’s a good thing.  I have grown as a professional and in my first 90 days we opened a new website store and I love watching the business grow every day.
  5. I got a sit/stand desk.  Of course I do since I work at Ergotron who manufactures and sells them!  That said, I have wanted one for a long time and I find myself standing much more than sitting. And while I stand I move around a lot which is good for me since it helps me burn off all the extra energy I always have.
  6. I started drinking de-caf.  Speaking of all that energy, could it be somewhat related to my coffee problem?  Perhaps.  This is why I switched to decaf in the afternoon which basically allows me to enjoy my favorite guilty pleasure all day long.  I always thought de-caf was fake coffee but I seriously cannot tell the difference.
  7. I have a hands free phone in my car.  This allows me to call my parents almost every day.  I think they may be getting sick of me now that I have a longer commute so if anyone wants a call at 730 am or 530 pm just let me know and we can chat away.  I realize we are not a phone talking culture anymore.
  8. I started listening to podcasts.  Actually on this point I can’t believe how few people listen to them!  Download an app and check it out!  Exchanging programs has been a fun thing to do with Erin and Jack who are always sending me suggestions. Erin and I really liked both of the “Serial” series, Shittown and Dirty John.  Jack has me listening to a bunch of diet and exercise shows and has even got me to try “intermittent fasting” because of a podcast.
  9. Speaking of which, I re-joined weight watchers.  Yep, a couple of years ago on this very same blog I got all confident and said I was done counting my points.  Bad idea.  So I am back at WW with some of the basketball moms.  This program along with “intermittent fasting” have helped me keep it all in check and have been a way to stay in touch with friends.
  10. I continue to work on being grateful.  This is something I always work on especially when life hits you with surprises. I am blessed to live in the greatest country in the world.  I’m lucky to have meaningful work.  I’m lucky to have wonderful friends and family.

So thank you for reading my top 10 things and for being part of my world.  I’m blessed.


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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One Response to My Top 10 “favorite things” list for 2017

  1. JL Jackson says:

    Loved this list. Our mutual friend Zwill has been talking about pod casts for years – will try them. My friend down here just did a talk, on intermittent fasting and it works for many – going to try that as well. I too will try to be more mindful of all of our blessings – especially during this very busy time of year. Keep us posted on your desk, hostessing and hands-free talking – and thanks for your fabulous blog.

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