St. Kitts, Dining, Diving and 5 books

Lately I haven’t been reading as much and I have been blaming it on Netflix.  Because of my slow reading, I was especially excited for some time on airplanes and beaches on this vacation to read some good books.

Of the 5 books I read, my favorite and frankly the only one I would HIGHLY recommend to others was “Z -A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald” written by Therese Anne Fowler.  This was well researched historical fiction about a woman we all think we know from the impressions we have of her from popular culture. My take before I read the book was that she was beautiful but “crazy”.  Fowler helps us to understand what it was like to be a talented and driven woman in the early 1900’s and how this could have led to her increasingly bizarre behavior and ultimately her time in the sanitarium.  When Scott and Zelda first got married she was the perfect, wild and fun loving wife but as she grew up and wanted more for herself she became frustrated and her marriage suffered.  This truly is a page turner and I would highly recommend it.

Next up was “Come Back – a mother and daughters’s journey through hell and back” by Claire and Mia Fontaine.  This is the story of a daughter who was the perfect child until suddenly one day she was not.  The mother ends up sending her daughter to a therapeutic boarding school and since I have a similar experience I am always deeply curious about these books.  There are some very good portions of this book, however it is a bit long and I would have liked to hear more from the daughter’s perspective.  It is a good read but you may have to skim some parts if you want to finish.

Book number three was “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty.  I have read a few of her other books and they all follow a “chick lit” formula.  This book did not stray from that formula.  It was entertaining but forgettable.  “Nuff said.”

I was excited to read “The Good Girl” by Mary Kubica because I had heard it was a suspense thriller like “Gone Girl.”  In the story a young wealthy woman is kidnapped and taken to a cabin in Minnesota.  And while it wasn’t BAD, I am growing tired of people comparing books to “Gone Girl” just to get me to read them.  There wasn’t much of a twist and I found the love story to feel a little bit off.  It was entertaining but I can’t say it was anything special.

The final book I “read” (if I am being honest, I haven’t finished and might NOT finish) was “The Martian” by Andy Weir.  A locker room friend recommended it to me as a funny book and since it is now a movie with Matt Damon I thought it would nicely round out my book list.  The premise is a young astronaut is separated from his crew and left behind on Mars. While it IS funny, there is just too much “science” that I really can’t follow.  It will be interesting to see how this movie does at the box office.

So there you have it. My vacation with my hubby was amazing, we were saying it was probably the best vacation we have had in a long, long time.  I read all these books and had a great time.  HOWEVER, right when we got home my father inlaw suddenly passed away which broke our hearts and to be honest if I didn’t write this blog I feel like I may not only forget these books I read, it could be easy to forget the entire vacation.

Part of my healing process as we mourn his loss is to write the blog.  Thanks for reading it and thanks to my friends and family who have been amazing during this very difficult time.  xo


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    xxxxooooo…You have so many good memories of him. So lucky. Love you guys

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