“There was a little Girl” – Brooke Shields

I have always been fascinated by Brooke Shields. Born in 1965, just like me, I have always thought of her as a great role model. A smart and beautiful star who seemes to have it all together.

She has been a movie star for as long as I can remember. Who could ever forget her starring in “Pretty Baby” as a 13 year old? And then later in the “Blue Lagoon” when she got to swim around with that hot guy? I also remember her very sassy and cutting edge Calvin Klein jean promotion. I HAD to have a pair!

So yes, Brooke Shields is beautiful AND famous. THEN she proved she was also smart when she got accepted to Princeton and graduated with a French Literature degree. Impressive. Ever since she has managed to find the perfect balance betweeen staying enough in the spotlight to seem cool and relevant but not so much as to seem brassy or over exposed.

Yep, Brooke Shields is someone I have always admired. And I knew there was a story about her overbearing “stage” mom, but it was all pretty vague until I read her book “There was a little girl – The real story of my mother and me.”

Brooke writes: this is “the story of how I became who I am because of all she was. This book is about everthing that went into being Teri Shields.”

Brooke explains that Teri decided early on that her child was the most beautiful baby ever born and set out to make her famous. She was a single mom who had a single focus: making her daughter famous. She was a stage mom who found opportunities for her daughter and who perpetually controlled her image.

Yet aside from her relentess pursuit of stardom for Brooke, the other defining factor about Teri was her lack of self confidence and her relationship with alcohol. As Brooke explains, “My mother’s drinking superseded my stardom. I was a child of an alcoholic way before I was a star. I craved opportunity and I craved my mother’s sobriety.”

This book is very interesting and readable. It’s one of those books that you just can’t wait to get back to. Brooke does tell the story of career and fame but the focus is on her relationship with her mother. As she puts it, she and her mother were intertwined for 48 years until her mother’s death from complications from dementia in 2012.

I have always admired Brooke. She is beatiful and smart. But now I know that she is also a very good writer and has survived and thrived as the daughter of an alcoholic. I am even more impressed. Read this one. You won’t regret it.


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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One Response to “There was a little Girl” – Brooke Shields

  1. Deb Irvin says:

    I will definitely read. Loved Brooke Shields

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