Three reasons why I will never be Tina Fey according to my husband…

My very serious book club is reading the Tina Fey memoir “Bossypants.”  This is very out of character for them because they usually pick serious books, like the time they picked “Middlemarch”.. oh that’s right they picked it but I was the only one who read it!

I was happy they went light and picked this book because I really enjoyed Tina Fey’s laugh out loud perspective on living as a career gal in NYC.

To be honest, I have always kind of thought that I was a little bit like Tina Fey.  She calls herself “Bosspants” and hysterically enough (at least to me!) I call myself Bossyboots, or when I am feeling VERY diva-like Princess Bossyboots!

However, I casually asked my husband if he saw any resemblence between the two of us.  He just mumbled that he didn’t. But that didn’t stop me from pushing him for the three reasons why I’m not. (I am big on telling me three things as a conversation starter with my family.  It drives them crazy!) When pushed, he came up with this list:

1.  She’s funny

2.  She has brown hair

3.  She has been on TV

Darn him.

However, aside from the obvious Bossypants/Bossyboots connection, after reading her hilarious book, I came up with the following three reasons we are totally alike.

1.  We are both neurotic and hyper vigilant.  In the book Tina desribes a fire that took place during her honeymoon and how she kept her eyes on the sea so that she would be ready if it happened.  I do a similiar thing by “awfulizing” or coming up with the absolute worst case scenarios so that they never happen.  While vacationing in France I kept track of where we would sleep if we were homeless.  See?  Totally alike.

2.  Neither of us really care for animals.  Tina described how when a co-worker shows her a picture of their dog she struggles to respond correctly.  For me, the only dog I really like is my friend Molly’s dog, Sadie.  And I have to really remember hard that I like her.  This is foreign to most people.  Most people love dogs and I am looked at curiously for my disdain for animals. Once again:  totally alike.

3.  We both are wildly successful professionals who are somewhat guilty mothers.  I love Tina’s realistic and somewheat guilty point of view that no mother should really be judged until her child is 33 and all the personality dust has settled.  So true!  So stop your judging.  Just kidding, I totally made up the wildly succesful part.  I can only hope to some day be as wildly professionally successful as Miss Tina Bossypants.

See?  Totally alike.  I am going to go and work on my Sarah Palin impersonation!


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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6 Responses to Three reasons why I will never be Tina Fey according to my husband…

  1. Peggy Borstad says:

    I love you.

    And I so do not love the Twins right now! They were up 4-2 vs the White Sox and within what seems like 5 minutes, we are now down 6-4. But then I got your blog post and had a good chuckle.


  2. beingjentle says:

    HA!! loved this! You’re hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing your kindredness with us Bossyboots!!!

  3. Ramona says:

    …..Daisy? 😦

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