The Cabin – Chapters 1 – 4 and hoping for a good ending

We are buying a cabin.  I think.  I hope.  Not just a cabin, our dream cabin.  So pinch me, yes pinch me…is this real?

I can’t believe I just wrote that.  It has been a long time in coming and like anything worth doing there is a story behind it. And the story is not over yet.

Chapter 1:  I am full of disbelief and even guilt.  The economy is not doing well, people are suffering.  I work at Best Buy, a company I love. And yet, I  worry: I have been laid off before and found a very good job at the company but what if it happens again?  And Sean is a realtor for crying out loud.  The market has been hard, so hard he is comtemplating a possible career change.  But we have saved.  We have a fairly modest lifestyle and we have done the math and it works.  But the disquieting feelings remain and linger in the background.

Chapter 2:  We have to buy it because it’s perfect. Whenever we talked about a cabin, we talked about this place. We didn’t know it at the time but we did.  Starting at the front of the home which has a big front porch. I have described this porch to Sean many times as we dreamt about our perfect cabin that when we walked up to the property for the first time, I literally got scared. This porch:  It has found me.  I have always planned to read hundreds of books on this porch.

Then there’s the huge lot, 4 acres, which is what he has always wanted; a place to roam (hide from me?), work, fix.  The home itself is perfect, it’s so much more than we ever thought we would get.  The kids can have their groups of friends over and we can stay involved in their lives.  Pinch me.

Chapter 3, It’s all about the basics of retail: location, location, location.  It’s in South Haven a little over an hour from our home.  The drive was a big consideration with the busy lives we lead.  The older kids are in high school sports which means Friday night games and Saturday morning practices. We love that they play sports, it’s a huge part of how we grew up and our parenting philosophy;  work hard, play hard.  Stay busy, stay involved, learn to work on a team.  This location will work for all of us.

Chapter 4:  Just getting here has been a “hot mess” and it’s not done. Just by writing this I worry that I am jinxing it.  The cabin was listed on MLS but it turns out it was caught up in a corporate scandal and was lost by the original owners and sent to a receivership. The proceeds will be settled out among some unhappy people who will be getting mere pennies on their dollars.  (Guilt and disbelief again).  A judge rules on our offer on Tuesday with our pending closing on Friday.  And so we wait, and hope and dream.

I will publish Chapter 5 next week.  I hope it has a good ending….


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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3 Responses to The Cabin – Chapters 1 – 4 and hoping for a good ending

  1. That’s a seriously beautiful cabin. The porch looks like a lovely place to read. Good luck! I hope the deal goes through without a hitch.

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