I aspire to be a rockin’ reader….

It’s July 14 and finally it feels like it’s summer in Minnesota.  The only thing I want to do is sit out on my front porch and read, read, read.

We spent the fourth of July weekend at a friend’s cabin and I fell in love with cabin life. This happens to me every summer.  I get back home and I want to recreate the easy, breezy atmosphere where there isn’t anything you have to do.  No housework, no office work, no wifi to connect to.  It’s all board games, talking, visiting and of course, reading.

So I have set up my rocking chair and gathered up all of the books I have been collecting and have set myself a goal to really start reading and relaxing more at my homemade front porch “cabin”.

From the stack of books on my rocker you can see that once again my adult ADD is getting to me.  I have been acquiring books and starting ALL of them.  I am currently breaking a personal record for most books going at the same time.  By the way, this is NOT the kind of record you want to have.

I am reading “In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larson, “French Lessons” by Ellen Sussman, “to be sung underwater” by Tom McNeal and “Hannah’s Dream” by Diane Hammond. I am having a hard time committing to just one book and the more I am blogging the more recommendations I am getting.  They all sound good so I am just adding them to the list.

So my goal for the weekend is to sit on my rocking chair, pretend it’s my cabin and just read, read, read.


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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2 Responses to I aspire to be a rockin’ reader….

  1. Mary Lou Olson says:

    What, no games to attend? Is that all over? I’m now listening to “Beautiful Boy” in my car. It’s a short commute, but it enables me to “read” another book while driving. I’d love to see you this weekend. Maybe I’ll stop by and rock a while with you.

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