I needed a page turner….book geeks to the rescue!

I was reading a really good book last week but it was just too detailed for summer.  So I did what every resourceful book extrovert does, I went to my “go to” book geeks at work and called an emergency meeting.

I need help, find me something that will keep me interested even with my loud summer background noise. You know the sounds:   kids swimming, boys fishing, men swilling beer, and the ladies giggling over bottles of wine.  My book geeks saved me.

We found a book that I literally read in 48 hours.  It is called “If I Am Missing or Dead” by Janine Latus.  It is a book written by the sister of a woman who was killed at the hands of her boyfriend.  However, the sister who wrote it, Janine, was also in an emotionally abusive relationship with her husband.

Janine is a writer and so the book is well constructed and follows the parallel path of her own abuse at the hands of her handsome, fit and wealthy husband.  She describes a life that was difficult for her but that may have looked ideal from an outsider’s point of view.  It included breast augmentation and tropical vacations but also screaming, insults and emotional terror.

She pieces together what she saw of her sister’s relationship and tells the sad story of her sister, Amy, who just couldn’t seem to find the right man or relationship.

As I was reading this book (at all hours of the day and night), MY sister called me. She was stuck and looking for a book that she could read with HER background summer noise.  I recommended this to her and she is hooked and already about halfway done.

I highly, highly recommend this book.  It’s interesting and well written and will keep your attention. It will open up great discussions about what makes a healthy relationship.

Oh, no! It’s time for me to get back in touch with my book geeks….I need another summer read, and FAST!


About Anne Loughrey

I am an avid member of several book clubs and a prolific keeper of my books. I love to discuss books and hear what others think of books I have read.
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6 Responses to I needed a page turner….book geeks to the rescue!

  1. RFW says:

    Try “To Be Sung Underwater”

  2. Shley says:

    When you’re done with your current read, you should try “Waiting for Snow in Havana.” It’s a non-fiction, but reads like fiction. It was definitely a great, page turning, summer read.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anne, I took your advice and checked “If I Am Missing Or Dead” out from the libray on Friday afternoon. Finished the last page before bed last night. Sure enough – a page turner! (I want to learn more about Janine now kind of like I wanted to learn more about Jeannette Walls after reading “Glass Castle”! Thanks for the recommendation! I’m going to bring Loving Frank (is that the right title?) to the cabin this weekend. “Waiting for Snow in Havana” and “To Be Sung Underwater” are now on my list as well!!!

    • Shelly- thanks for the feedback about the book! I have had the chance to e-mail Janine and she is very nice and committed to helping victims of abuse. She is working on her second book on this topic and is also willing to call into book clubs. I hope you like the other books as well!

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